Text read by Mary Peters

Finding your own definition of success means being true to who you are.

“I farm because I feel called to. I love the challenge, it’s where my heart is, and I love working with my family. Farming gives my life purpose. When I fulfil that purpose, I feel like I am my truest self and, most of the time, my best version of me. I think that to do anything other than farm would feel like a dishonest life. I am fortunate that my purpose is also my passion. Farm life is hard, oh so hard, but it also has many blessings such as working with family, eating homemade snacks at Grandma’s, and watching my niece grow up.” Coley Drinkwater, Virginia.

Text read by Mary Peters

Success is a learning process.

“No growing season, no production year in a man’s lifetime in agriculture, is the same. It is never duplicated. There are variables of weather, and climate, and markets. I farm because I love the challenge. I love the diversity. I love the opportunity to learn. That’s it. It’s who I am and what I do.” Mike Compston, Nevada

Text read by Mary Peters

Successful people aren’t selfish.

“It’s humbling, but I’m also very proud to be a farmer. I farm to feed my friends, feed my family, and feed my enemies. I farm for everybody. Some people do things for certain kinds of people. If you’re a doctor, you care for sick people. If you’re a lawyer, you care for people who’ve been hurt or are in trouble. When you’re a farmer, you feed everybody. You can’t be a prejudice farmer I guess you could say. You don’t do it for a certain ethnic group or a certain religion. You do it for everybody. Coming out here and knowing I produce something for everybody, that’s why I farm.” Terren Moore, Texas

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