Here are three people who placed an advertisement, looking for somewhere to live. The texts have not been altered except for geographical location and prices. If you had a room, flat or a house, would you rent it out to them?

Hi, my name is Danae, I’m 23 and currently, go to school at Brida College for Jazz performance. Since school is cancelled indefinitely, I am now out of a place to stay. However, I have a job, my own transportation and money to take care of myself. I just need a roof over my head. I’m very clean, quiet, and keep to myself. A private room would be nice. I don’t mind sharing the house with other people. I can also do light cleaning and cooking as well in exchange for a cheaper stay (I am a very good cook). Please contact me if you have a place available. Can’t wait to talk!

First, I hope you are safe.
I had an issue with my current living situation
I can provide references and background check, not an issue
I am in need of a room, preferable in an all-male household
I can clean and do dishes, of course
Let’s try it out to see if it works.
Please only call me till 2.30 am and not before 2 pm
Thanks, I smoke vape, drink socially.

Hello. Looking for a home to rent in the Brida area. At least a 3-4-bedroom house. It is me. My fiancé & our two daughters, which are 11 and 7. Also, my father that I am taking care of as well. We are hard workers and have a steady income. We are reliable, have good rental history, and we have good references as well. We do have two little dogs. One is a Boston Terrier and one is a chihuahua that is fully trained. We love keeping our home and property neat and clean. We are trying to stay in the price range between €750-€900 if possible. My fiancé does work in all phases of construction. Electric, plumbing windows, floors, bathrooms etc. Anything needed to be done to the home, he can do just about anything! – If any listing is available, please contact me to set up something to get together. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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