Welcome to WOW. It’s a new programme which I am excited about. WOW stands for Word of the Week.

Let me tell you how it works: Each of you suggests just one word, and the rest of the community plays with it. Together we will use a structure you can use. I will also support you in formulating what you want to say.

WOW is the result of two observations. Do you remember Martin’s suggestion “Old vs New”? It was an incredibly successful discussion, and I want to replicate that. The second thought was that having a wide range of subjects to discuss leads to fragmentation. It was becoming a challenge to have many discussions in parallel because things were being forgotten or overlooked. The quality of my work was beginning to suffer.

This is how WOW should work. Three people suggest their three words, and we spend one season of three weeks discussing these three words. As the season progresses, we take these words and play with them. I will be providing you with the following structure: The discussions are based on a series of questions. For example, open, probing or leading questions and other types of questions. Your contributions will be like a tree growing. The word is a seed, and at the end of the season, have many thoughts, comments and opinions.

There will still be opportunities for other discussions alongside the WOW programme because some of you use Brida differently from others.

How will you benefit from WOW? There will still be plenty of opportunities to think, comment, share your opinions and follow up on comments others have made. These discussions are at the heart of the community’s activities and how you improve communication in English.

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